AGE: 22



1998 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R



The stock bike...




My beast...

(April 2005)


These are some pictures of my bike when I first bought it from my friend Steve.

He had laid it down at the track about a year earlier and it had been sitting in his garage for a year. He'd been riding his new Hyabusa in the meantime.

Here you can see some of the goodies:

Wave rotors
Steel braided brake lines
Smoked, flushmount, teardrop turnsignals


Yoshimura RS-3 Slip-on
Custom license plate bracket
Smoked, aluminum, shortstalk turnsignals
Clear taillight


Carbon fiber hugger/chain guard


Chicane carbon fiber mirrors


Yes, that speedo goes up to 170.


The Yosh pipe sounds nice at 14k rpm too!



The Accident...

(July 2005)

Of course we all know too well that there are two kinds of young riders out there: Those who have been down, and those who are going to go down. Turns out I had already been down in a low side, and fared just fine. This time I was just being foolish, doing wheelies on the street when i shouldn't have. We should note that the big Boston pothole was a big helper in introducing my bike and I to its good friend Mr. Asphalt.

Stupid is as stupid does:


Ah look, the dumbass himself.


The Revival...

(September 2005)

I had to make the bike in good enough condition to ride over to my new place a few blocks away. So I replaced the crutial stuff and cut off the unecessary stuff.


I then out to start slowly but surely replace the trashed parts and maybe make a few upgrades along the way.

I put on a new tank which I sprayed white just for the time being. I'll think about the pain job at the end.


The Ressurection...

(Fall 2005)

Since I had a set of hot bodies race fairings new in the box that came with the bike, i decided to paint them up and throw them on. It has got a dark smoke double bubble widscreen and H3 halogen driving lights in the cneter of the air intakes. It looks mean in the pictures, but let me tell you, hot bodies race fairings are crap. I'm going to be going back to stock plastics.



Bigger and Better...

(March 2006)

I have raplaced the upper fairing and installed a dark smoke double bubble widscreen, new levers and a new front wheel that doesn't have a bent lip. I've also converted over to a braced swingarm from a 2005 ZX-6R.

The 05 swingarm was a little tricky because it is nearly the same as the 98-02 about the pivot but narrower about the wheel.


This necessitated the fabrication of a new offset brake bracket and a couple new bushings.


The sprocket side bushing from the 98-02 had to be faced to rmove 2mm in width. This maintained the correct chainline and centering of the wheel. The new offset brake bracket used a 10mm wide bushing with an ID of 25mm and an OD of 32mm.


Now with the swingarm and wheel installed on the bike.


The shock still needs to be installed. I am using the 05 shock and linkage. When doing a shock or swingarm conversion the matching shock and linkage must be used because the lower shock clevises are different widths.


I'm now waiting on a set of black powdercoated wheels from my friend Sanya in the Ukraine. I'll also hopefully be getting a stock tail cowl and pillion seat from a member on the kawiforums. Then I'll consider the cost of a paint job. probably black with red graphics of some kind.










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